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Heirloom Vintage Style Spiked Dog Collars


This vintage looking handmade collar features antiqued brass studs. It's tough and classic but has a wonderful vintage & comfortable look that will only improve as the leather breaks in and the brass forms a deeper patina.   

Studded with a generous quantity of spikes ornaments,  these leather collars are made of full grain bridle leather.  The edges are stitched, beveled and hand polished and a lining is added to assure comfort.  Antiqued brass buckle and dee ring.   Bridle leather offers superior strength, durability, and beauty compared to typical grades of leather used for dog collars.   Made in the USA

For dogs with broader necks, see our Extra Wide Triple Row Collar.   

Can be ordered while Out of Stock.  **This collar is custom made when ordered, please allow 7-10 days for shipping.

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