Festival Stripe Tribal Design Dog Collar


This colorful and trendy collar in this season's stylish tribal doodle style is a cheerful collar for any dog, and perfect for both genders.
This collar features it's colorful design permanently embedded into the webbing on both sides. No worry of scratching or fading! Machine Washable. Stainless steel D ring for leash attachment, and a quick snap closure. Fully adjustable.
Sizes: Teacup - 3/8" x 4"-9"   X-Small - 3/8" x 8"-12"   Small - 3/4" x 10"-14"   Medium - 3/4" x 14"-20" [medium martingales slightly wider at 1"]   Large 1" x 18"-28".
Also available in this fun design .. matching leash , Martingale style collar !

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