Bear Bell - Safety Alert for Hiking with Dogs

Rolled Leather Martingale Dog Collar with Chain - 3 Colors

Brown Rolled Leather Dog Collar

Terrabone- Dental Bone for Dogs with Stinky Breath

Festival Stripe Tribal Design Dog Collar

4 Foot Rolled Leather Leash - Black

New Arrivals

Check out our latest arrivals in dog collars, leashes, accessories, toys, and dog treats.

SleekEZ Grooming Tool for Horses, Dogs, and Cats

American Traditions Leather and Ribbon Collar- Bella Floral

American Traditions Leather and Ribbon Collar- Pheasants

Leopard Print Dog Bed

American Traditions Leather and Ribbon Collar- Gridlock

Burgundy Paws Dog Bed

Lots of Dogs! Dog Bed

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Scottish Terrier (Scottie Dog) Key FOB or Lanyard

Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen Collar or Leash

Westie Dog Collar or Leash

Miniature Schnauzer Dog Collar or Leash

Cocker Spaniel Dog Collar or Leash

Labrador Retriever Dog Collar or Leash

Pointer Dog Collar or Leash


Don’t want to settle for a plain dog collar? This section contains dog collars and other items that can be engraved and uniquely personalized.

Engraved Perri’s Padded Leather Collar - Black with Colorful Padding

Custom Embroidered Nylon Dog Collar-  Red

Laser Engraved Chrome Dog Tag- Disk

Perri’s Blue Leather Collar with Silver Padding- Engraved

Perri’s Turquoise Leather Collar with Purple Padding- Engraved

Engraved Perri’s Padded Leather Dog Leash - 21 Colors

Custom Embroidered Nylon Dog Collar-  Black

Laser Engraved Solid Brass Dog Tag - Bone

Leather Collars and Leashes

Want a fancy leather collar? Take a look at this list of leather collars and leashes!

Heirloom Leather Leash - Reproduction Antique Dog Leash

Heirloom Antique Style Brass Spiked Collar – Extra Wide Triple Row

Light Blue Italian Leather Dog Leash

Black Rolled Leather Dog Collar

Luxury Leather Padded Leather Collar- 8 Colors

Best Sellers

Check out our top selling collars, leashes, and accessories!

Pill Buddy Treats - soft treats to conceal medicine

All Natural Leather BIG Tug Toy USA MADE Bone

Luxury Leather Padded Leather Collar- 8 Colors

Hot Dog Printed Dog Collar- adjustable or martingale

Spindrift Max Walker Stretch Bungee Leash - 10 Colors

Spindrift Padded Handle Cozy Leash - 10 Colors

Spindrift Cozy Dog Collar with Neoprene Lining

All Natural Elk Antler Chew